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udn瘋活動 活動 《刁蠻公主》(Kiss Me Kate)

《刁蠻公主》(Kiss Me Kate)

2024.06.04 ~ 2024.09.14

其他 巴比肯藝術中心(Barbican Theatre) Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS

主辦單位|udnFunLife聯合數位文創、Trafalgar Entertainment 


See legendary Broadway musical in London’s West End this summer, featuring an incredible multi award-winning cast!

今年夏天,科爾·波特(Cole Porter’s)的傳奇百老匯音樂劇《刁蠻公主》(Kiss Me Kate)即將於倫敦西區熱鬧上演,由榮獲眾多獎項的演員陣容主演、絕不能錯過!




Adrian Dunbar (Line of Duty, Ridley) and Broadway royalty Stephanie J. Block (Into The Woods, The Cher Show) lead this summer's hottest cast alongside Charlie Stemp, Georgina Onuorah, Nigel Lindsay, Hammed Animashaun and Peter Davison.

From Cole Porter, composer of recent smash-hit Anything Goes, and with a full orchestra performing classics such as Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Too Darn Hot and Tom, Dick or Harry, this new production is directed by Bartlett Sher (The King and I) with choreography by Anthony Van Laast (Mamma Mia!) and costume design by Catherine Zuber (Moulin Rouge!).

Hailed as 'the ultimate Broadway musical from the golden age’ (Financial Times), Kiss Me, Kate is a simple love story...about two people who just can't stand each other. Guess who wins...

Don't miss this all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy.

Adrian Dunbar(《反腐先鋒》、《Ridley》)和百老匯知名演員Stephanie J. Block(《Into The Woods》、《The Cher Show》)將與Charlie Stemp、Georgina Onuorah、Nigel Lindsay、Hammed Animashaun和Peter Davison組成今年夏天最火熱的演員陣容。

由最近大獲成功的《海上情緣》作曲家科爾·波特創作,結合完整的管弦樂隊演奏經典曲目,如《Brush Up Your Shakespeare》、《Too Darn Hot and Tom》和《Tom, Dick or Harry》,這部新作品由Bartlett Sher(代表作《國王與我》)執導,Anthony Van Laast(代表作《媽媽咪呀!》)擔任編舞,Catherine Zuber(代表作《紅磨坊!》)負責服裝設計。

被譽為「黃金時代的百老匯音樂劇傑作」(金融時報),《刁蠻公主》(Kiss Me Kate)是關於無法忍受彼此的兩個人之間的簡單愛情故事。





TV-star Adrian Dunbar, award-winning Broadway star Stephanie J. Block, award-nominated Charlie Stemp, Georgina Onuorah, Hammed Animashaun, Nigel Lindsay, Peter Davison.

電視明星Adrian Dunbar、屢獲殊榮的百老匯明星Stephanie J. Block、獲獎提名者Charlie Stemp、Georgina Onuorah、Hammed Animashaun、 Nigel Lindsay、Peter Davison。



Multi award-winning director Bartlett Sher (The King and I, My Fair Lady), choreography by Anthony Van Laast (Mamma Mia!), costume design by Catherine Zuber (Moulin Rouge! The Musical).

由屢獲殊榮的導演Bartlett Sher(代表作《國王與我》、《我心深處》)執導,編舞由Anthony Van Laast(代表作《媽媽咪呀!》)擔任,服裝設計則由Catherine Zuber(音樂劇代表作《紅磨坊!》)負責。