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One of Tainan Art Museum's missions is to become an art museum at the service of all people. With art at the core, Tainan Art Museum will continue to deliver novel aesthetic ideas and cultural influences to the general public. In continuation of the 2022 exhibition Ghosts and Hells: The underworld in Asian art organized in collaboration with the Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, in 2023, we are cooperating with another world-class museum—the National Palace Museum (NPM). Visitors will be guided to learn about masterpieces from across China's art history through fascinating artifacts and engaging digital art.

Along the River During the Ching-ming Festival is projected in high resolution in Gallery A, where a quaint animation takes visitors on a journey to experience the lives of tiny figures in the acclaimed painting. Galleries B and C contain 15 selected artifacts from NPM's collection, including the iconic Jadeite Cabbage, the treasured Jade Plate with Dragon Pattern, the historically-significant Jade Bitter Melon, and Teapot with Decoration of Bamboo and Plum Delivering Message of Joy in Falangcai-Painted Enamels. The immersive theater piece Impressions of Fuchun in Gallery D is a product of the 21st century: AI was trained to learn the painting styles of renowned Western artists Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Claude Monet, then create a rendition of Dwelling in the Fu-chun Mountains using the European art style.

Once Upon a Tainan Charm: Treasures from the National Palace Museum welcomes you to relish these beautiful cultural artifacts and travel back in time on the wings of technology!






Supervisor: Tainan City Government

Organizer: National Palace Museum, Tainan Art Museum

Co-organizer: Tainan Culture Foundation, National Police Agency, Tainan City Police Department

Sponsor: E.SUN Foundation


活動詳情 ► https://www.tnam.museum/exhibition/detail/467