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愛洛蒙-人與動物的後心靈樂園 Anromones: The Post-paradise between Human and Animals


展覽命題「愛洛蒙-人與動物的後心靈樂園」借用「動物(Animal)」與生物學概念「費洛蒙(Pheromones)」結合為「愛洛蒙」(Anromones)一詞,指涉人與動物在當代社會中相遇而產生的一種「後心靈樂園」狀態。「樂園」一詞來自於動物行為學之父,康拉德.勞倫茲(Konrad Lorenz)之著作《和動物說話的男人》:「野生動物流露出的每個意願都是善意的……而這正是人類已然失去的『樂園』。」陪伴人們的寵物,在當代社會中,撫平了人們離鄉背景、逐工作而居的無根感,亦療癒了現代人游移於多元生活狀態中的疲乏感。藝術家的創作藉由動物群像中「動物與寵物」主題之轉換,帶給人們奇幻又平靜的感受。


There is a long history between animals and humans. In the agricultural society, humans domesticated animals for food, farming, house-guarding, etc., but the human-animal relationship has gradually developed into a mutual bonding of a strong emotional attachment in our post-industrial society. Companion animals like dogs or cats (and many more) become humans’ emotional support, with their loving gaze offering indescribable sense of healing and happiness. In the fast-faced contemporary world, humans enjoy the benefit of modernization and civilization, but the technological advancement inevitably and fundamentally changes our interpersonal relationships and the accelerating economic growth brings pressure, thus transforming the inherent demand for companionship, which is no longer limited to starting a family or raising one’s own kids but also includes “animals” as family members. “Animals” have an increasing presence in modern family to become “furkids” as an important family member to bring mutual comfort.


The exhibition is titled as “Anromones: The Post-paradise between Human and Animals,” and the term “anromones” is coined from “animal” and “pheromones” to refer to the “post-paradise” which describes the encounter between humans and animals in the contemporary society. It borrows the idea of Konrad Lorenz, known as “the father of ethology” that: “Every single urge which wells up in a wild animal is ‘good’……and this is the paradise which man has lost.” The pet animals as human’s emotional support appease the rootless anxiety shared among modern people who have to leave the homeland for the sake of work and the exhaustion of constantly switching between different statuses of life. The artists’ works transform the animal/pet themes to offer a fascinating but yet serene feeling.


Organizer: Tainan Art Museum
Supervisor: Tainan City Government
Special Thanks: Art Bank Taiwan, InART Space, YIRI ARTS, Shukado Gallery, Powen Gallery, LIANG Gallery, iart Gallery, Eslite Gallery